Emergency Care

You may come across some problems with your braces during your orthodontic treatment. They are usually quite simple and quick to fix. The common problems you may encounter are described below. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us so that we can arrange an appointment to see you!

Sore teeth after adjustment

It is common to experience some discomfort for a few days after placement or adjustments of braces. In the initial stages, having cold rinses can be helpful in reducing discomfort. We also recommend taking painkillers such as panadol as required.

Sore lips and cheeks

The braces and the wire placed can rub onto your cheeks and lips, causing sore spots. Please use the orthodontic wax and numbing gel you have been given. Rinsing your mouth with warm salty rinses can be helpful too!

Loose bracket/band

A bracket or band may become loose during orthodontic treatment. Although they are glued on the teeth using fairly strong cement, they can come off the teeth with strong enough force on them. If the bracket/band is left loose, the teeth may become misaligned again, which can prolong the treatment time. If you notice any loose bracket or band, please contact us to arrange an appointment to have it repaired.

Loose, broken or poking wire

As your teeth are getting straighter, you may notice the wire poking out from the back of the bracket or band on the last tooth. You can cover the extra wire with the wax provided to help with the discomfort. Occasionally, the end of steel ties may bend out, irritating your lips or cheeks. You may push the end and tuck it in with a cotton swab or pencil eraser. If the wire is still poky, please contact us for an appointment to have it trimmed.

Lost O-ring (coloured modules)

Sometimes a small coloured ring around the bracket may come off. As long as the wire has not popped out of the bracket, it can be left until your next appointment. If you have more than a few having come off, please ring us to have the O-rings replaced.

Accidents involving teeth

Your teeth or mouth may get traumatised (injured) during orthodontic treatment through various accidents. If this happens, please contact your dentist immediately so that your teeth can be assessed and managed adequately. It is important we are informed of any injuries you have had to your teeth before or during orthodontic treatment.

Lost or broken plate/retainer

Let us know immediately if this happens. Teeth can move back fairly quickly, so we will need to organise a repair or replacement soon. There will be an additional cost to cover the laboratory fee.


Emergency Care