Braces are probably the most well-known type of orthodontic treatment, and they’re still the best way to straighten your teeth. Braces are usually used once all your permanent teeth have come in.

We offer two types of braces:

Metal braces

Most commonly used, metal braces are temporarily glued to the surface of your teeth and they act as helpful guides, guiding your teeth into the correct position.

These days, metal braces are much smaller and less obvious than they used to be – so no more worries about a mouthful of metal train tracks. We use small elastic rings around each bracket to hold the wire securely in place, and offer them in a great range of colours so that you can add a splash of personality to your smile.

Clear braces

Made out of ceramic material, clear braces are tooth-coloured meaning they’re less noticeable and blend in with your teeth – so your friends and families might not even notice you’ve got braces. We believe in the great benefits of braces to get that straight, lovely smile you’re after and we’ll help you decide which option is best for you.